Observation, this solution is only available for people making an entry for address in the municipality of Odense.

To apply for entry, on the following pages please inform:
• Citizenship and duration of stay
• Entry information
• Personal information for everyone entering
• Address in Denmark
• Address abroad
• Contact information

Be attentive on the following
The information you provide will be sent to the municipality of Odense. The information will be available to your caseworker for your personal appointment.

Personal appointment
Everyone, including children, must appear in person at citizen service, to complete the entry within 5 days after sending this application of entry. Please note that you must make a reservation for help in citizen service. When you have finished this application, you will receive a receipt with a link to the reservation system.

Click on 'Start without login', at the end of this page, to initiate your application.


Please remember to have the relevant documentation available. During the application process, you must attach all relevant documentation regarding your, and others who are a part of this entry application.