With an address query, you can find out a person's address in accordance with the Act on the Central Person Register.

In the solution you must give the person's full name and either a CPR number, date of birth or current/previous address.
It is possible to query the addresses of up to 10 people in this self-service solution.

If the address is from before January 1, 1971, you cannot use this self-service solution. Instead, contact the State Archive (new window) or your local municipality.

An address query costs 95 kr. per. query, which you must pay electronically. Once payment is made, you cannot cancel the purchase or get a refund.

You can read more about the rules in the Act on the Central Person Register at (new window).


Some people have a protected address.If this is the case or the person sought, the solution only provides the address if you can document a legal claim against the person. That is, if you need to use the address on the rounds of an overdue debt, a claim to inheritance or similar. Therefore, you must enclose documentation of the legal claim.